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Smartphones, Architecture and Vanishing Points

Blog Highlights:

• Photo contest winner is Rich Graziano

• Trevor Povah talks Architecture Photography

• Local answers candid question on what he likes about photography

Photo Contest Results

To show how easy and accessible photography is in this age, I sent out an open invitation for people to send their smartphone or brick phone photos my way. I got a great response, and last week’s blog highlighted five photos taken on cell phones from all over SLO county. The winner is:

The winning photo

Name: Rich Graziano

Camera: iPhone

Location: Cal Poly Campus

Quote: “What a fun idea.”

Trevor Povah

This week, I had the opportunity to chat with local photo guru, Trevor Povah.

Emily:  How long have you been practicing photography?

Trevor:  I graduated from Cal Poly in ‘04 with a degree in Video Production; in ‘08-09 I transitioned to photography.

Emily:  When did you start practicing photography in San Luis Obispo?

Trevor:  Over the past three years—starting in 2009. I stayed in SLO after graduating and opened up my own production company. I released my first movie in 2008, and from there transitioned to digital photography.

Emily: What is your favorite form of photography?

Trevor:  Sports photography is what I really enjoy to shoot, although Architecture Photography has found me, and that is what primarily pays the bills. As far as income goes, commercial Architecture Photography and high-end residential homes are the greatest contributors.

“I like the idea of being able to use perspective and different angles to put a creative spin on a setting.” -David Moore

Emily:  What makes being a photographer in SLO so appealing?

Near SLO's train station

Trevor:  For me, I was lucky that Architecture Photography found me—there’s definitely a niche for that in that area, and I have a background of shooting that. My client base is expanding, and I’m looking to expanding to Santa Barbara and Monterey. 

Emily:  Is it easy to be a photographer in San Luis?

Trevor:  Being a photographer in SLO, there are quite a few athletes who train and it’s a beautiful area, so there are plenty of things to shoot. There’s a wide variety but there’s not too much opportunity. There are a couple companies who sponsor niche photographers, so through those companies there are good opportunities. 

Emily:  Do you have any techniques for amateur photographers?

Trevor:  The business side of photography is definitely undervalued. People think that if you can produce a good image you’ll be successful. I tell students shooting is only 20% of the business. You need to know how to run a business and be confident in writing contracts.

The Buzz

I asked SLO resident (and recent Cal Poly Graduate) David Moore what he likes about photography…

“I like the idea of being able to use perspective and different angles to put a creative spin on a setting. So like putting your camera on the opposite side of a bridge and looking down the bridge and looking at the perspective and the vanishing point—just a different angle. Being able to add filters or color scales to pictures after just to be creative or artsy. It’s fun.”


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